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China by Olivetta

A big challenge on this campaign


  • I Lead the creative department as an art director of this brand named Olivetta. 

  • For the social media strategy, we decided for the Fall-Winter 18' collection to work with the concept of bold women who could represent the brand, we managed to have Eugenia Suarez "La China Suarez" @sangrejaponesa, Argentine actress and influencer with more than 3 MM followers. 

  • We decided to use medium shots because she was pregnant with 8 months doing this campaign, so it was a big challenge to us show the handbags with a short or medium shot.

  • The result was amazing and almost viral, the followers increase very quickly, 30k in less than two weeks, these actions helped us to improve the image of the brand in social networks.

  • Her capsule collection "China By Olivetta" was sold very fas improving their in-store and e-commerce sales and earnings.



Photographer - Eduardo Weis @eduweiss

Client: Olivetta Handbags

Model - Eugenia Suarez "China Suarez" @sangrejaponesa

Make up - Frumboli Studio

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