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Vamos Argentina - World Cup 2018

  • For the football world championship Rusia 2018, Huawei decided to launch a campaign in support of the selection of Argentina, short videos for Instagram that included stories with 5 great comedians and Argentine influencers.

  • The challenge, 1 location, 5 sets, 2 days of shooting.

  • The objectives were to tell daily soccer situations under the storytelling of each influencer
    maintain the authorial characteristic, but at the same time introduce the product in this football universe in an organic way.
    Achieve a multiplicity of speeches, each one specific for the community to which you are communicating.

  • My role was an art director assistant, I worked with Daniela Prieto who was the art director who was leading the project, she asked me to take care of some sets, especially in the creation of paintings to set the mood, as well as in the search for elements of art, decorations sets and the  with their respective characters.




Agency - Random Lab

Client - Huawei Argentina

Influencers for this campaign 









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